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Problems and solutions of switching power supply

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As a common power supply mode in modern electronic equipment, switching power supply is widely used in various fields because of its stable characteristics. Due to the operating environment, design defects or improper operation and other reasons, switching power supply often appear some problems in practical applications.
1. Overload protection problem
When the switching power supply is working, if the load exceeds its rated power, the overload protection mechanism will be triggered, causing the power supply to fail to work normally. The way to solve this problem is to choose the rated power of the power supply reasonably and ensure that the load does not exceed its capacity. In addition, the heat dissipation effect of the power supply can be improved by increasing heat dissipation measures, and to increase its rated power.
2. Power supply noise problem
Switching power supply will produce certain electromagnetic interference during operation, resulting in voltage fluctuation or noise of power output. It will influnce the normal operation of other electronic equipment. To solve this problem, filter circuit can be used to reduce the noise of power output. In addition, select the high quality switching power supply products can also effectively reduce the noise problem.
3. Overtemperature problem 
The switching power supply will produce a certain amount of heat when working, if the heat dissipation is poor, it will lead to high temperature, and even cause power damage. In order to solve this problem, heat dissipation measures such as heat sinks and fans can be used to improve the cooling effect of the power supply. In addition, reasonably arrange the working environment of the power supply to avoid excessively high environment temperature. 
4. Input voltage variations problem
The switching power supply has high requirements for the stability of the input voltage. If the input voltage  variations greatly, the output voltage of the power supply will be unstable. To solve this problem, a voltage regulator or voltage stabilizer can be used to provide a stable input voltage. In addition, the input circuit of the power supply can be reasonably designed to improve its adaptability to input voltage variations.
5. Switching power supply failure problem
The switching power supply may occur failures after a long time using, such as capacitor aging, component damage, etc. To solve this problem, the switching power supply can be regularly maintained and overhauled, and the aging components can be replaced in time to ensure the normal operation of the power supply. In addition, you can also choose reliable quality switching power supply products to reduce the failures.

Problems often occur during the switching power supply applications. However, as long as we reasonably choose, use and maintain, we can effectively solve these problems and ensure the normal operation of electronic equipment.

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