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What are the tips for purchasing mobile power?

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Three tips for selecting mobile power supply:

First: To determine whether there is a virtual capacity of the mobile power supply is actually very simple, to run a charge-discharge test.

If the equation "number of charges ×(used) battery capacity value <(power supply) marked capacity value ×70%" is valid,It can be preliminarily determined that the capacity of the mobile power supply is the nominal capacity. In addition, the average ordinary consumer has no way to make on-site judgments because there is no professional tool test. The simplest way is to judge the advantages and disadvantages of this product according to the actual use of electricity and other details.  

Second: the safety of mobile power supply is mainly in the use of battery cells and circuit boards.
According to media exposure, some factories in order to reduce costs, use recycled mobile phone or laptop batteries to make mobile power, it'll not only shorten the life of mobile power, but also cause an explosion accident. In terms of safety, the power supply should use authentic A-grade polymer cells, which have excellent safety performance and can provide multiple intelligent protection devices to prevent explosion caused by overcharge.
Third: It can be seen on the mall that even if it is the same capacity of mobile power, the price is also a world of difference.
The increase in capacity will inevitably lead to an increase in cost.Therefore, some high-capacity but very cheap mobile power products are undoubtedly problematic. Manufacturers may have squeezed costs by using waste cells and inferior circuit boards.Remind everyone, in the purchase of mobile power, do not only for cheap. There is a saying "cheapest is the dearest".
Note: Mobile power is a product that users carry with them, if the quality is not up to standard, it is like walking around with a time bomb, so we measure the brand and price of the product comprehensively when purchasing the product, do not blindly pursue high capacity and low price, so that the real safety and constant electricity!

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